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Jun. 15th, 2013

My year of change continues. Last year, at about this time, I moved houses and reduced my commute to three minutes.

As of July 1st, my commute is going back up to 35-40 minutes because I'm starting a new job. After 9.5 years at my current job and countless amounts of angst and annoyance, I've decided to seek out new employment. I'll no longer be working in the animal welfare arena but, instead, will be working with an organization that supports the National Parks service. I'll be the business manager, something extremely different from what I'm doing now but I'm so stoked for it. It's about 10k more a year and significantly better benefits.

I'm used to negativity and nastiness and political games and backstabbing at the current place. However, the new place, when I came in for my interview, every single person smiled at me and greeted me, making me feel welcome. My panel interview was more like going for coffee with people that I really want to be BFFs with rather than a traditional job interview. I was completely comfortable and fell in love with the vibe rather instantly.

I wanted to do this grandiose quit thing but, instead, I'm just going. The only "fuck you" part of my quitting is that, because no one has bothered to learn my job in 9.5 years, that my finance boss, the one that's an absolute bitch to deal with, will only have a week to learn my job. She's in Bali right now and I'm covering for her. When she returns, it'll be in my last week. So, she'll have to learn my job, catch up on three weeks backlog and get ready for fiscal year end all while dealing with a new boss and taking back a bunch of stuff that got passed to HR that they won't be able to do any longer. MWHAHAHAHAHA. Plus, I'm about two seconds from firing my new hire so she might come back to an office that's down TWO people rather than one.

I haven't really announced it out to anyone and I asked the HR director (and my other boss) to not announce it to everyone. I'd rather just leave. No party to say goodbye, no anything other than cleaning out my office and heading out. I'm extremely excited for it. IDK if I'll have a cubicle rather than an office but I don't much care. I'm just excited for a new position at a new organization with new coworkers that seem genuinely happy to be at work.

May. 6th, 2013


Unknown - May 6th, 2013


Title: Derek Hale Ain't James Bond (But He Drives Like It)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings: Mechanic!AU
Summary: Couple a classic car with a sexy man and Stiles Stilinski certainly doesn't mind staying a little late at his garage. Derek Hale doesn't know what he's getting into.
A/N: Betaed by intobedlam and elanorofcastile. Written for picfor1000's prompt here. You can also read it on AO3 here.

His obsession starts, like most things for Stiles, with his mother...Collapse )

Feb. 18th, 2013

As much as I kvetch about work, because my boss drives me nuts and my coworkers do as well, I love what I do. I get that safety is boring to most people and that accounting is even worse. I love it. I love making safety a "want to" instead of a "have to". I get jazzed every time someone tells me that they're learning and love working here and how much fun the job is.

So about three years ago, work was at rock bottom for our safety record. As far as the insurance company was concerned, we'd gone on a couple of drunk benders where we totalled shitloads of cars. We were about to get the worst of the worst insurance, the one that you have to beg/borrow/steal to even get and you pay through the nose for the privilege. I was tasked with getting our rating (the eMod), down to 1.25 from 1.85 (with 1.0 being industry average for amount/severity of incidents) within three years.

This year is year #3. I got the eMod down to .82. As in, far below industry average and well below the stated goal. It was fucking shitloads of work and ridiculous hours and lots of making an ass out of myself to make safety fun but I did it. I'm beyond pleased with myself.

Everyone told me that I couldn't get it down that low. When I said that I wanted us to be at .85 within five years, all the insurance industry experts (and I know a lot of them) literally laughed at me. One went so far as to put her arm around me, give a patronizing squeeze and tell me that a girl should have her dreams but that I should be "a bit more realistic" with a goal of 1.0 instead.

Fuck. That. Noise. I can't wait to show her our eMod tomorrow. I also can't wait for my review in a few weeks. I'd better have the biggest fucking raise in the entire world because I beat a five year goal that I was told was ridonk and impossible to begin with and I did it in THREE fucking years.

Feb. 17th, 2013

Thought I'd post some of the photos of the newest acquisitions for my garden. It's not the biggest yard in the world but I'm getting smarter on how to use my small space. In preparation of shelving getting installed next weekend, I bought a bunch of plants this weekend. It was about 75 each day so perfect weather for gardening this weekend. I'll put the photos under the cut cause they're huge.

my garden!Collapse )
I tried to label the plants but there are some other established plants in the photos like agave, my broccolis and the reamins of a hanging basket that has survived the winter. I picked flowers that encourage bees and butterflies to pollinate my veggie garden. The native bees here in Arizona aren't interested in stinging people so plenty of bees in a veggie garden is good.

I've HUGE plans for a veggie garden this year. I'm going to have at least three types of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchinis. I also want to do blue potatoes this year. I have guttering for unique hanging baskets off my fence that I'm planning on using for a small herb garden. I want to do lots of random herbs that give off great scent, if just to cover the dog poop/pee smell that my yard has sometimes. Plus, the plants will give me a bit more privacy.

I never expected to get into gardening but, there you go. I hate the digging in dirt part but I love the way that the plants and flowers look.

Valentine's Cards!

In a recent spurt of purging, I discovered a box of cards that I'd always meant to send out and didn't. Packs upon packs upon packs of cards, completely unopened and unsent.

So! I want to send them to you! Fill out the poll below or email me your address and I'll send you a card with a small story in it, for Valentine's. I promise I'm not a stalker. I don't have the money to come to your house and be a major creeper. Sorry if you were looking forward to that

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Jan. 7th, 2013

2013 has sort of sucked so far. I rang in the New Year with Cisco having a major seizure. He had about 12 hours of testing and finally received his final diagnosis this morning. He's in the middle of kidney/liver failure due to a combination of Valley Fever and doggie Parkinson's. They're not certain if valley fever brought on the Parkinson's like symptoms so they're treating that first. He has to go in for 48 hours of IV fluids tomorrow.

Only catch is that I'm currently in Phoenix at a hospital where my mother is in the cardio-thoracic ICU. She went in for surgery last Friday, had a lung collapse and a bunch of complications during her surgery. She was in the regular ICU for 2 days and now she's in the cardio-thoracic one, instead. She has a series of bracelets on her arm with a variety of designations (fall risk, difficult airway, allergies, etc). No one will tell us how long she'll be here.

It's a good thing that I can work from home and already had FMLA approved, as well. She was supposed to be released yesterday and now she's here through at least Friday.

I'm driving 2.5 hours down to Tucson tomorrow to pick up my dog, take him to the doggie hospital, check him in and then driving back up here to Phoenix to visit mum in the human hospital. Thankfully, my sister can pick Cisco up on Thursday. I'm staying at my brother's and he's too cheap to turn the heat on so last night, the room got down to 58 degrees while I was sleeping. FIFTY EIGHT. I'm tempted to buy an electric blanket.

Add in that today is my mother's birthday and her big "gift" is that they removed a couple of tubes and it's not a good birthday for her. Plus, stress and strain of Cisco being so ill. I realize, mentally, that he's 16.5 and that's getting up there in years for a dog but I'm not ready for him to go yet. So I'm going to keep treating this stuff with him. I just wish it was one or the other. Both at the same time is overwhelming.

Dec. 27th, 2012

This has been a year of change for me, starting with my working situation then moving to my living situation and ending with my changed outlook on life and work and everything in between.

Personal ramblings under the cutCollapse )

Fan Mix - Mass Effect Big Bang

A Strong Moody Woman (as described by Kaidan Alenko)

A fanmix for Skyrim Effect by n7commando86

(Graphics beautifully made by alishatorn and posted here)

Listen to the Mix using Spotify:

"Cathain" as sung by Liam O Maonlai
"Trouble" by Elvis Presley
"All Sparks" The Editors
"Damn your Eyes" Alex Clare
"Romance" Farscape Score
Shoot the Moon by OK Go
"Man Eater" Hall & Oates
"Let it Be Me" Ray LaMontagne
"Demons" Imagine Dragons
"Icarus" Mythos

A discussion of dogs and illness

I've been kvetching on Twitter a lot about this but I thought I'd add LJ as a place to discuss my dog poop problem :/

My dogs, all three of them, are so freaking sick. Cisco and Kuka have been ill since last Friday, complete with giant piles of dog diarrhea all over my house constantly and consistently. Nala broke with the illness on Monday afternoon and her own mini piles. The problem with Nala being sick is manyfold:
a.) she's already on a limited time and in a sort of doggy hospice and
b.) she can't see where she's going and
c.) her legs go out from under her leading to
d.) she rolls in it.

Nala's already dropped 4 lbs since February. That's 1/3 of her bodyweight. She doesn't have any more to drop. If I didn't have certification of medical care, I'd damn well deserve to be reported for animal cruelty and neglect for how emaciated she is. Her backend is all skin and bones. She eats like a racehorse, though (up until tonight but we shan't discuss that). She just stopped processing the nutrients in the food very well.

So yes, I'm over $400 worth of vet bills, they're on medication and I've gotten 37 hours of sleep from Friday night through to today, including a couple of naps. I'm exhausted, at my wit's end and unable to deal with the dogshit everywhere. I have carpets, by the way, if you weren't aware of that, so the carpet cleaner is out, 24/7.

I'm supposed to be off of work this week to play Assassin's Creed 3. Instead, I'm spending all my time cleaning up dogshit. I've barely gotten into the game, since freaking Tuesday, because of the dogs' being sick.

The medication they're on has to be eaten with certain absorbent foods so, since Friday, I've boiled over 30 lbs of potatoes. The dogs love it but I'm about to kill them because in addition to the potatoes, I've got to mix in yogurt, special canned food that costs three bucks a fucking CAN (and a can lasts one day, MAX), and, of course, they won't eat the pills unless they're in pill pockets. A normal attempt to get them fed is 10 minutes, I'm over 25 minutes two times a day, just to feed them. Because the potatoes have to be warmed or they won't mash with the wet food and then they won't coat the little bit of dry food that I can mix in and if the dry food isn't coated, Cisco won't eat it and omg, WIT'S END REACHED

The worst part, though, is that no one can definitively figure out how Cisco and Kuka got it in the first place. We haven't been going for walk's because I was sick, myself. They haven't eaten anything funky. There's been no change to rhythm and routine. The only thing I can think of is that a neighbor got evicted for having 8 pit bulls in a tiny backyard, one of which was fairly vicious and they think I turned them in (which I didn't but whatever, not all that material to the storytelling). So the thought is, right now, that they gave my dogs ex-lax. Then, once the rampaging diarrhea (and subsequent bacterial infection because my dogs are old and their digestion system SUCKS) started, Nala rolled in Kuka's poop and got some of the massive bacterial infection and that's why she got it so much later than they did. One of the other neighbors saw them sticking something in the fence on Friday so, I'm probably going to go with that.



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