Celestial Navigator (wook77) wrote,

#2 Favorite Thing

#2 Favorite Thing:

In no discernable order, my second item to discuss as a favorite thing is:

Strawberry Banana Pound Cake Ice Cream from Blue Bell. It's srsly the most amazing flavor of ice cream of all time. It's got HUGE strawberries, large slices of banana and chunks of pound cake in a slightly strawberry flavored vanilla ice cream.

Plus, Blue Bell ice cream is amazingly smooth and creamy. Then there's the fact that it's still a half-gallon for the same price you can get one of those stupid tweaked sizes from anyone else. High quality ice cream with large pieces of my favorite things in the world? Yesplzkthx.

I'm certain the following is considered ice cream sacrilege but I like the quality of Blue Bell ice cream much better than Ben&Jerry's or Häagen-Dazs. I also really love the Southern Banana Pudding and Moo-llenium Crunch (which I refer to as "kitchen sink ice cream" because it has basically every nut you'd ever want in an ice cream plus like a bazillion different incarnations of chocolate).

I finally got moved. I'll have to post a hilarious recap as it involves breaking chairs attacking my foot, trials and tribulations of getting internet, weird neighbors and the Yard From Hell next door.
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